BBC Radio 5 interview

Yesterday I was interviewed by Adrian Chiles for BBC Radio 5.  The program will air at 10 AM UK time, which is about three hours away as of this posting.  It will be added to the BBC Radio 5 site afterwards, so you should all be able to hear it on the website (here).  The interview runs about a half hour long.

2 thoughts on “BBC Radio 5 interview

  1. Looking forward to checking it out, even though I suspect it may depress me. I listened to your previous interview on Niall Boylan’s show, and was literally shaking by the end due to the vitriol expressed by most of the random people interviewed. I’m used to it, but it’s still the equivalent of scraping at an open wound. Still, I feel it’s important, and want to continue following your progress. Best wishes!


    1. Thanks! Well, eventually you just have to come to the realization that many of these people are lashing out because they are dealing with their own repressed sexual feelings and self-loathing. When you understand that, it puts their hatred in a whole new light. Others don’t really hate us but they have to keep up appearances of doing so because they don’t want to cast suspicion on themselves. Research the Spiral of Silence–it’s a real phenomenon.


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