Adrian Chiles interview

Here is the interview I did with Adrian Chiles of BBC Radio 5.  Before I post it, I would like to make a couple of points.  First off, they only used about half of my actual interview.  Secondly, neither Sarah Goode nor Jim Gamble were present for my interview, or if they were I wasn’t aware of it.  I’m very happy that Sarah was there to counteract Gamble’s bigotry and nonsense.  Anyway . . .

BBC Interview

2 thoughts on “Adrian Chiles interview

  1. I’ve noticed Jim Gamble’s attitude from many people, and find it quite perplexing – the idea that one can either care about the welfare of sexually abused children OR they can care about understanding pedophilia – not both at the same time. As if one negates the other, which is ridiculous and counter-intuitive. They seem to have the mentality that if they simply ignore us really, really hard, we will magically disappear.


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