Bitiya is awesome!

I said from the beginning that I was going to devote part of this blog to recognizing survivors of rape and sexual abuse and giving them props for coming forward and identifying their abusers.  Here is the perfect example.  Although the Indian government won’t allow rape survivors to show their faces or use their real names in the media (which is ostensibly for their protection, but I’ve always felt like this was at least partly motivated by the need of government and/or society to control them—I see the same motivation when it comes to minor-aged abuse survivors in the U.S., but that’s another post), this adolescent girl, who is using the pseudonym ‘Bitiya’ in media appearances, has come forward to identify several men from India’s upper-caste who have raped and abused lower-caste girls and women, including her.  These crimes are frequent, and the men who commit them regularly escape prosecution because of the police’s reluctance to prosecute members of the upper caste who have legally wronged those in a lower caste, particularly when the victims are female, who are still less valued in Indian culture than males.  Anyway, a huge kudos to Bitiya and to the police and others who are making sure justice is done!

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