YouTube video in support of me

There is now a video up on YouTube that is in support of me and my article, by a guy who goes by The Savannah Ape at YouTube.  Although he is in support of lowering age of consent somewhat, a position I do not support, it is only briefly mentioned at the end of the video.  The rest of it is just very supportive of me, a nice change from the usual angry, hate-filled nonsense you see at YouTube.

On Salon’s Pedophile (Todd Nickerson)

3 thoughts on “YouTube video in support of me

  1. Todd, you say that you do not support the lowering of the age of consent.

    Do you mean that you believe that, as of today, every country has the correct age of consent? This despite the range of ages of consent varying from 11 (Nigeria) to 21 (Bahrain)?

    Or do you mean that the whole world should adopt whatever the age of consent happens to be where YOU live? And therefore – in the case of places like Bahrain or South Korea you ARE in fact in favour of lowering the age of consent?

    And, presuming the age of consent where you live is either 16 or 18 – are you in favour of raising the age of consent in places like Poland, where the age of consent is 15?

    If so – is it just a lucky coincidence that you happen to live somewhere where they have exactly the correct age of consent – or could it be that you’re just assuming that whatever it is you’ve grown up with and are comfortable with is automatically ‘right’?

    Or do you just not care enough about the question to go beyond the vagueness of your apparent stance?


    1. I’m saying that I do not and will not advocate for the changing the age of consent, and that, in fact, the issue is not even on my radar anymore. I don’t care what the age of consent is in any particular country. They could change it to 21 tomorrow and it would make no difference to me because it is just not an issue of any concern to me at this point. Whatever society decides it should be in any given country, I am not going to concern myself with it whatsoever. And now, I don’t want to discuss it anymore. I mean it, don’t bring it up again.


  2. >”I mean it, don’t bring it up again.”

    !? will you be sending the heavies round if do? In that case I better break out the tea and bickies for them.

    But seriously – you’re bothered enough to have a position on the question but not bothered enough to defend it or explain it.

    I guess this will get me perma-banned from commenting on your blog – nevertheless you (and other anti-choicers) will always be welcome at my blog, and I salute your courage and the good work you do.


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