VICE article on pedophiles dealing with depression

Paul Willis has written an article on how pedophiles often deal with depression and suicidal thoughts. I was one of the people Paul interviewed for the article, as was my buddy Daywalker, another moderator at VirPed. Check it out. It’s called Realizing You’re a Pedophile Can Make You Want to Kill Yourself.

5 thoughts on “VICE article on pedophiles dealing with depression

  1. I know for me I have ready to kill myself quite a few times in the past. When my thoughts started to get bad I would think “Better a dead pedophile than an active one.”. Thank god I found a doctor that was willing to give me a med that chemically castrates me, that had been a real god send in my life. Now I feel as if I can be around kids and worry about acting on the things I want too.



  2. Well, if you require chemical castration not to offend, then it’s the right thing to do, I guess, but you do realize there are a lot of negative side effects. You should read up on it. It’s basically just a massive dose of estrogen, so it has feminizing effects like gynecomastia (developing breasts) for example and high blood pressure, among other severe side effects.


    1. I have done my research. Some of the side effects to other than the you mentioned are weight gain (I have gained just over 80 lbs) increased depression (me and my doctor talk monthly to monitor thos) bone loss (I take Calum and vid d, and have a bone density test done every 6 months) and loss of muscle mass (which I hace) At the time I got on it I felt my thoughts controlled me, in every aspect of my life I felt like I was standing on the edge of an abis (spelling?) and would fall into something I never wanted to even look into let alone stand so close to something that coups ruin so many lives not just my own. I know it’s can be a heated topic for some and that’s fine if we a talking we are learning. And if any one wishes to open a clam honest dialog about me taking depo then I’m game. With that said I WOULD NEVER ADVISE SOMEONE ELSE TO DO This! It’s not my place to tell anyone how to live there lives. One of the perks of being self aware you get to choose how and what is right in you life.

      OK off my soap box. LoL

      Thanks for being a voice for so many who feel they are voiceless. I told a therapist one time all it takes is for one person to sit down down on a bus and the whole world can change.



      1. Well, you seem to know what you’re doing, so that’s the important thing. And of course you are welcome. I agree, one person CAN change the world, by getting the ball rolling.


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