Second appearance on Niall Boylan Show

I was asked onto the Niall Boylan Show again yesterday. Well, here is the segment I was on:


In the interview I made my standard point that by disenfranchising and persecuting pedophiles whether they’ve offended or not, society only makes it more likely that pedophiles will remain underground, which of course increases their chances of offending. And the callers to the show once more proved to me that they don’t really give a shit about protecting kids. They just want to be able to lash out at an easy scapegoat. Which will of course keep a lot of pedophiles from coming out and seeking help. So basically they proved my point.

4 thoughts on “Second appearance on Niall Boylan Show

  1. In many senses, this interview went a lot better than the first (which is not saying much, I admit). The host was a lot less confrontation towards you, and defended your actions a lot more. The fact that so many callers accused you of lying about having abused in the past shows that they were grasping for straws in order to find something to attack you (last time, it was all about how evil you were about just having desires).


    1. Thanks for the reply. I basically feel at this point that a lot of these people need to hate me no matter what, and if they don’t have a reason, they will manufacture one. Hence, I’m a liar who has to have offended. At this point the concept of a non-offending pedophile is too morally complex for them to wrap their heads around. Maybe someday.


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