Dublin Talks

Here is the link for my appearance on Dublin Talks with host Adrian Kennedy. Having listened to it, I think it was a better interview than I remember, but in all fairness I was pretty tired when I made my original assessment. Anyway, here you go. It should kick in as soon as you click the link.

2 thoughts on “Dublin Talks

  1. Some Hope and Some Despair.

    Okay so they were pretty civil and are actually willing to air such a discussion, the radio show hosts have to be applauded for that, genuinely applauded.

    But for the love of Christ! How shocking is it that when a paedophile is asked what he fantasises to when he masturbates he replies children? This really is not groundbreaking radio, is it? Well, yes, it sort of is [don’t mention Niall Boylan]. It just sort of shows you Western society is very much in the “baby steps” phase of learning about and dealing with the “existential threat” that is paedophilia.

    I can’t be bothered to walk upstairs to find the true figure in the book where I read it but there is a known percentage of people who admit to thinking about killing people (from survey samples). From memory it was disturbingly high. I will now pull a low-ball figure out of my arse and say it was 25%, for the purposes of this post. So that is an estimated quarter of the population (US and UK, I think) who ADMIT to homicidal fantasy/ ideation.

    Few people I have discussed this figure with seem that surprised or particularly concerned. Yet so many people seem concerned about a paedophile masturbating about children. This is so probably for 3 reasons. 1. Never in history in any society has the percentage of people who have killed another human reached anything like this figure. 2. People often cannot apply perspective to sexual deviance, and (related to 2 directly) 3. many people believe child molestation is worse than murder (e.g., I have too often heard it said that victims of sexual assaults were better off not to survive).

    Most people seem to get that thoughts do not usually lead to actions for homicidal ideation but are blinded by a lack of insight when it comes to exotic sexualities. This is presumably because they know what it’s like to think about killing a person without being a killer. Surely these same people could see -with a modicum of imagination- that most people they have found attractive didn’t end up in bed with them, and furthermore whom they didn’t even pursue. I would be exhausted (from the pursuits alone) if I acted out on all the people I noticed were sexually attractive in one day. Get a grip people!

    Which brings me to another point. Todd says he doesn’t think about what he’d do to people he finds attractive, he just finds them attractive. This is pretty much like me. I have to say. I mean who actually mentally undresses people, let alone imagines having sex with people the see in the street? I guess they exist. For me I don’t have to undress a woman mentally, I can see perfectly well she has a nice figure/hair waist/hips/breasts when she is dressed and is, by chance, walking past me. For me to mentally undress her I would have to be able to recall what she looks like naked. And guess what? The vast, vast, vast majority of women I am attracted to I have never seen naked, I have never had consensual sex with them, and since I have never raped anyone, I have never seen them naked pursuant to rape. I know what sorts of people I am attracted to and I know how to behave. Todd does too. People need to calm down on their fear of thought – it will close them down.


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