Two articles worth reading

Yesterday the New Yorker published a really long but fascinating (and at times heartbreaking) article by Jill Lepore called Baby Doe, which begins with an examination of the dead toddler girl whose body washed up in Boston Harbor last year and widens into a discussion of one of the major culprits of child abuse—poverty—and how kids in the system would be better served by the government changing its focus to better address this fact. I recommend reading the article in pieces because it’s a lot to take in. The second article, written by Matthew Broomfield, was published by Motherboard and is called YouTube Personalities Use ‘Minecraft’ to Prey on Underage Fans. The title of that one is pretty self-explanatory. Both of these articles are well worth your time, especially Lepore’s.

4 thoughts on “Two articles worth reading

  1. Hey. I was intuitively guided by sprit to find this website. I don’t identify as a pedophile, but I want to give you support and encouragement for what you are doing. You are truly a brave soul, who has set out to anchor something new on this planet to bring to light what this planet does not yet understand, and at the same time is scared to death to even acknowledge and validate. The easiest is to push away what we don’t understand. You’re wired the way you are wired for a reason. Whereever you are in life is based on the highest probability based upon your neurological wiring and whatever circumstances you were born into – and most people can not understand this. Embrace yourself, because you are worthy. You are assisting in bringing the collective unconscious into collective conscious. You are part of the leading edge of development of consciousness.


  2. Excellent articles.

    In the Minecraft article, Chantelle’s response to the inappropriate request was exactly what she should have done. Her mother states she was well aware of online safety, so what might have been a somewhat uncomfortable conversation with her daughter is kept her safe.


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