Yet another example of a child abused . . . by the system

I can’t believe this is still happening. Wait, yes I can.  A 14-year-old boy in Three Rivers, Michigan has been busted for producing child porn, all because he took a nude photo of himself on a girl’s phone.  The girl then sent it to another girl, who also sent it to someone else, and guess what?  Now those girls have been busted for distributing child porn!  All three of these kids are now going to be labeled sex offenders simply for doing something that comes natural to teens. It’s a moral outrage alright, but not what the kids did.  Rather, the fact that the state is unwilling to distinguish between kids playing around and kids actually being victimized is absolutely unacceptable.

This is what a moral panic run amok looks like, but that’s how it always goes.  In the end, when left unchecked, these kinds of things wind up hurting the very people they’re meant to protect.  The reality is, there is a faction of society that is so insecure about their own sexual issues that they can’t stand the thought of kids being sexual beings, and so the kids who shatter this precious illusion invariably wind up getting punished for it.  This is just such a case.  This boy and these two girls are now lifelong social pariahs.  Perhaps it’s time for society to learn the concepts of balance and restraint. Here’s a great quote by Mary Wollstonecraft that everyone involved with government in any capacity should have as their personal mantra:

“Every political good carried to the extreme must be productive of evil.”

4 thoughts on “Yet another example of a child abused . . . by the system

  1. Very true. The label “sex offender” is getting too broad, and the consequences intended for a few are being applied to lots of folks in ways that won’t help them.


  2. I think they have the right idea! We should get rid of all of the children, then there won’t be anybody for molesters to offend!

    Not really, I agree with what you are thinking. Your posts are always really insightful.


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