Little girl sacrifices her life for two toddlers

Our society often underestimates the power of children, but here is evidence that a “mere” child can be as powerful as any adult, for what is more powerful than sacrificing one’s own life to save that of another? How about saving two others? Kiera Larsen, a ten-year-old girl from California, jumped in the path of a runaway SUV to save the lives of two toddler girls, aged one-and-a-half and two-and-a-half. She managed to get the two smaller children out of the path of the vehicle but was unfortunately struck by it herself, later dying from her injuries. This small girl had more bravery than many adults I’ve known, and her short life had more meaning than that of some people three, four, five times her age. Kiera, wherever you are: your sacrifice was incredible, and you will never be forgotten.

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