This case just made my point for me

Two days ago an article came out in the the British newspaper The Guardian called Rotherham woman offered safe haven to troubled girls – then pimped them out. It explains how one woman, Karen MacGregor, used her youth support organization KinKids to take in teenage girls who were homeless, but then she would get the girls drunk and sell them to men for sex. Moreover, as the article says, “MacGregor was an energetic, high-profile campaigner on behalf of abused children . . .”

In this post I said it was unfair to always treat non-offending pedophiles as if they were potentially guilty, as Glori Meldrum, founder and head of the advocacy group Little Warriors, seems to want to do. I then pointed out how anyone could potentially be an offender, including someone like Meldrum herself:

It’s true that you ultimately can’t prove that we have never done anything to kids, but that can be said of anyone, even Meldrum. Who’s to say she hasn’t used her organization as a front to cover her own abuse of children? Obviously I don’t believe this, and I doubt anyone else does either, but that’s the thing: often the real hardcore abusers turn out to be those we least suspect, people in positions of authority who work regularly with kids. And being the founder of an anti-child abuse organization, what a perfect cover it would be for her! I mean, who would ever suspect someone like that, right?

And there you have it. Now we know that just such a person has been arrested for doing exactly that. Let this be a lesson: don’t single out self-confessed non-offending pedophiles as potentially more guilty than anyone else. Remember, most child sex offenders aren’t actually pedophiles anyway, and there is no way to know in the current environment how many pedophiles (people with a primary or exclusive attraction to children) are actually sex offenders. Meanwhile, the worst offenders are often the people you least suspect.

2 thoughts on “This case just made my point for me

  1. The Guardian is not my favorite newspaper, but it is hardly a “tabloid”. It’s a very respected newspaper in Britain – and alsewhere -, and not published in tabloid format.


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