Good article by Sarah Morehead on Friendly Atheist

Yesterday Sarah Morehead made a guest post on the Friendly Atheist site, called Sex Offenders Can Be Nice Guys: How Making Jared Fogle a Monster Encourages Abusers. In the article, which is a plea for sane treatment of sex offenders by society, she says:

Cheering the abuse of sex offenders may feel good in the moment — it’s the only thing we feel like we can do in the face of feeling utterly helpless — but it dehumanizes offenders into monsters deserving of violence, which (albeit unintentionally) creates a perfect scenario for future sex offenders to pluck future victims. After all, if offenders act like “nice guys,” they won’t risk being seen as “monsters” like priests, or Jared Fogle, or Jerry Sandusky, and their victims (and their families) will be summarily dismissed and disbelieved.

I think she makes a very good point. The article is not an easy read, but it’s well worth reading.

2 thoughts on “Good article by Sarah Morehead on Friendly Atheist

  1. Sarah Morehead’s essay was discussed on the 3/22/16 episode of The Thinking Atheist podcast. The episode is titled “Billboards, Brainwashing, Justice and Jared Fogle.” Seth Andrews interviews Sarah. The episode is on YouTube. Here’s the iTunes link:


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