Fantastic article in Broadly

Now here’s an article that hits several of the main points I’ve been making for ages. The piece, written by Diana Tourjee, is called Most Child Sex Abusers Are Not Pedophiles, Expert Says. First off, the article mentions the Independent piece that I discussed here a few days ago and features an interview with Dr. David Finkelhor, yet another of the top experts in this field who supports the view that pedophilia is likely a sexual orientation or something very akin to it. But more importantly, he finally puts front-and-center one of the most important facts the public and media often ignores or gets wrong: the majority of child molesters are NOT pedophiles. It’s nice to see this point emphasized because it’s incredibly important for society to understand this. It’s one of the reasons why conflating the terms ‘pedophile’ and ‘child molester’ is not only offensive to people like me, it is resoundingly incorrect and contributes to the continuing confusion. So a big kudos to Dr. Finkelhor, to Ms. Tourjee and to Broadly for publishing it!

2 thoughts on “Fantastic article in Broadly

  1. Great article! Is it my imagination, or have all these more sympathetic articles, both by researchers and by non-offending pedophiles themselves, only come out within the last three years? If so, there seem to be more of them every week. Things are moving fast. This is good.


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