2 thoughts on “My Skype interview with Janet Upadhye at Salon

  1. How do you feel about the editing and the images on that video, Todd?

    Some of the imagery (esp where the camera follows that girl behind the tree) really detracts from your message – in fact the imagery is generally ‘dark’ reinforcing ideas concerning paedophilia which you are working to show as inaccurate

    And the editing raises many questions. Have you got a recording of the unedited interview? If so have you considered posting it here on your blog so that people can get an idea of the level of bias and intervention that went into the editing?


    1. Well, it’s not perfect, certainly, and it is partly intended to rankle conservatives. I was a bit hesitant about putting the thing about relieving myself in, and of course, that’s the part that conservatives are most offended by. I really don’t care anymore. I don’t expect people to be level-headed about this. I think we tend to expect too much of the media sometimes, which just makes them reluctant to give us any coverage. My message is getting out; that’s the important thing.


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