Someone has been contacting my family and friends in Facebook

Apparently someone going by the name of Erica Ann has been contacting my friends and family in Facebook and sending them the following message:

Hello I just want you to know that you have a known pedophile on your friends list. Todd Nickerson. For your childs safety you should block him.

I find this quite amusing, as I do not hide my sexuality from my loved ones, and I even frequently discuss it in Facebook. Why would “Erica Ann” think otherwise? Of course, my friends and family being the awesome people they are, they told this person where to go, often quite colorfully. Here are a couple of examples:

There you have it. If you have any other plans to try to distance my loved ones from me, don’t bother. They know me well. YOU don’t.

6 thoughts on “Someone has been contacting my family and friends in Facebook

  1. Hahaha – that’s made my day!

    Good to know that you have supportive loved-ones.

    Whoever ‘Erica Ann’ she’s an interfering busy-body who feeds with relish on the ignorance and hate she herself excretes.

    The responses of your relatives completely subvert the hate-filled narrative that so clearly informs Erica’s trolling and stalking!


    1. Absolutely. My blog, my rules. This is not a democracy. If you had a blog and I tried to post there, would you allow it? I seriously doubt it. unlike most of your ilk, I’m actually willing to allow and reply to critical replies, providing they are respectful. Replies that amount to infantile name-calling will likely just be ignored. In this case I allowed your reply (well, some of it anyway) in part because I was feeling generous and in part so that I could make this point to anyone else who thinks they are going to be allowed to voice insults and threats indiscriminately. No matter how much you wish you could control the entire internet, you can’t. Live with it. Oh, and just because you act childish doesn’t mean I’m going to fancy you. šŸ˜›


  2. So you are a pedophile Todd….as I and many of us have always said, that means we are fated to have sex with children . ‘Block him for the safety of your children’. What a moron this troll ‘lady’ is…..good on your family šŸ˜€


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