The child rape charges against Donald Trump should be taken seriously

Many of you may not be aware that there is currently a case pending against the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, in which it is alleged by a woman that she was raped four times by Trump when she was only 13 years old. I fully understand that in the world of politics false allegations of sexual misconduct are often used as a means of discrediting a politician, but in this case there are some significant differences from the usual sorts of accusations, the main one being the young age of the victim at the time of the alleged rapes. Even more troubling is the fact that the victim claims Trump threatened to harm her family and make her “disappear” if she reported these incidents.

It is easy to simply dismiss these accusations as political in nature. After all, why did she wait until now, in the midst of Trump’s presidential campaign, to make a formal complaint? The cynic may see this as all rather convenient for Trump’s opponent, but victims come forward when they feel comfortable doing so, or when they think it is time. Remember, aside from the initial revelation to my grandmother right after it happened, I didn’t come forward again about my own abuse until I was 14 and was asked directly about it by my mother, who knew there had been a molestation of one of her mother’s grandchildren but didn’t know which one specifically. Had she not asked, it may have been years later that I finally made that revelation to her, or not at all. And I wasn’t even threatened or intimidated by my abuser (who certainly was no billionaire with vast resources at his disposal, and was long gone from my life at that point)!

With a modicum of reflection, it is easy to understand why a victim in Jane Doe’s position may finally feel that the danger to her in coming forward is outweighed by the situation at hand. After all, would you feel comfortable in the knowledge that a child rapist may be the most powerful man in the free world in just a few months’ time? It is one thing to be a billionaire who can pull strings; it’s another thing altogether to have real political power, and Jane Doe is obviously aware of that. But is there any credibility to this accusation? Let’s look at the evidence.

First off, this is not the first time Trump has been accused of rape. Long before he ever threw his hat into the presidential ring, Trump was accused by his own first wife, Ivana (mother of Ivanka), of marital rape, as well as physical assault. It apparently occurred when Ivana recommended Donald see a cosmetic surgeon about repairing his bald spot, and the surgeon evidently botched the hair transplant. In a fit of rage, Trump supposedly yanked out some of Ivana’s hair in retaliation and then raped her. This sounds a little too kooky and detail-specific to be made up, so I’m inclined to believe this. Afterward, however, Ivana signed an agreement not to disparage Trump in exchange for money. That part isn’t up for debate—it happened.

In another lawsuit, a former business associate, Jill Harth, accused Trump of sexual harassment and attempted rape, wherein he forced her into a bedroom and groped her against her will, telling her he would be the best lover she ever had. Although the case was eventually settled, Harth still maintains her story, which, I have to say, sounds pretty much right on the money with respect to Trump’s behavior and self-aggrandizing speech. These are far from the only accusations of sexual misconduct against Trump.

Furthermore, Donald Trump has a long history of degrading, objectifying and insensitive treatment of women and women’s issues, as well as delusions of grandeur and feelings of entitlement, which is consistent with what we know about rapists’ psychological profiles generally. There are countless examples to draw from here: “That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees,” he told Brande Roderick on The Apprentice. He referred to a young lawyer who needed to excuse herself to use a breast pump so she could feed her baby as “disgusting.” And “You like your candy,” he told the heavyset woman in charge of a building project for him. These and several other such incidents are recounted in the New York Times piece Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved with Women in Private. Some of these may be minor infractions in the scheme of things, but they add up to a troubling picture of the Republican nominee.

But the most damning evidence is Trump’s close association with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted Level 3 (the level of highest severity) sex offender, while this was going on. In fact, Jane Doe alleges Epstein also abused her, including punishing her for “giving” her virginity to Trump rather than to him, and that both Epstein and Trump held her as a sex slave for a period of time and then paid her off to shut her up, as well as threatening violence against both her and her family. In the fourth and final sexual encounter between Trump and Jane Doe, she alleges he tied her to a bed and raped her violently while she begged him to stop. If this weren’t enough, an apparent witness, a woman referred to as Tiffany Doe in the complaint, who scouted and hired Jane on Epstein’s behalf, says she was present during all four rapes. That alone elevates these allegations above the simple he said/she said scenario that such cases generally take the form of.

Of course, it could very well turn out that these accusations are false, but they should still be taken seriously by mainstream media in the interim, because if they turn out to be true, the media would’ve been woefully negligent in ignoring them, and something like this could certainly impact the election.

4 thoughts on “The child rape charges against Donald Trump should be taken seriously

  1. Off-topic (or at least off the topic of this post): maybe you can write about how you (and maybe other virpeders) feel about the movie The Woodsman.


  2. Who would be surprised to find out he did this? He has no respect for women. Why would he be partying with a sex offender ? Get real. This is one angry man that thinks he can do anything to anyone.


    1. I agree, and I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this. Even if this case does not turn out to amount to anything, I am convinced that at some point in his life, and likely more than once, Trump has sexually assaulted young women.


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