A fantastic article from The Economist

Many moons ago I was interviewed by Helen Joyce for a piece slated to come out in The Economist, a major British publication. I was beginning to think it was never going to see the light of day. Lo and behold, the piece finally dropped today! It’s called Shedding light on the dark field and it is quite a long and thorough piece. Yes, I’m in it, but the piece is not specifically about me. It’s really about the problems with mandatory reporting laws and how they are counterproductive to the goal of protecting children from sexual abuse. It’s one of the best articles on this subject I’ve read in ages, and I am very proud to have contributed to it. There’s also a companion piece in the same issue called First, save the children, though you’ll need a subscription to The Economist to read more than one article there. This is understandable, as the publication still has a print version as well as its online version, and they aren’t cheap to produce.

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