4 thoughts on “YouTube interview with Ender

  1. Hey man,
    I’ll start out by saying I am a skeptic in your case. Human beings are weak. We can all give in to our desires – drugs, lust, even banal shit like videogames. Your case is no different, and I do not assume you are more likely to succumb, but the consequences would be more dire if you did; both for the person in question and for VirPeds over the world.

    That being said, I still want to leave a message of support for you, and I could only find this way to do it. I think what you are doing is incredibly brave and admirable. You are shouldering an incredible burden to make life better for people who you can empathize with. I watched the mini documentary you did on youtube, and I find it impressive how collected you were. Calm, rational, you seemed as if you were talking about a bank dispute over a cup of tea – important and serious, but still confident and completely natural about it.

    Good job mate, keep doing you. Embrace the energy of people supporting you, shrug off those trying to drag you down and make sure to prove skeptics like me wrong. Best wishes!


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