A couple of announcements

Okay, so first things first: there’s a new VICE article that is mainly about me that just came out, called A Pedophile Opens Up About Being Targeted By Vigilantes, written by Manisha Krishnan. It’s actually part four in a series about vigilantes who target pedophiles and sex offenders.

Alright, now for the bigger news. I am about to launch a new video series on YouTube called To MAP Humanity, which will tackle pedophilia from a variety of angles and in various contexts. The show will deal with this very serious topic in a more lighthearted way than the media usually does, with an emphasis on the pedophile’s humanity. The first episode is set to launch on January 7th or 8th. Whatever the case, I will provide a link whenever it becomes available.

2 thoughts on “A couple of announcements

  1. Hi, I’m Paula. I’m writing you from Argentina. I just saw a video of you, explaining your sexual condition and that stuff. I just want to to say (sorry if my english is not so good, I originally speak in spanish), that i think that is a good thing that you just acept your self, and also respect the other people. I can’t understand why you like kids, but hey, there’s people out there that is merried with a tree. But i’m writing you couse i wanna say thank you. Cause you understand that kids deserve respect. That’s why you love them i think. I’m just a stranger, i now, but i want to give you my support, it makes me proud, the way you are, and the way that you find to be yourself in healty and not doing harm to the others. That’s all. Keep this way, and if u can, try to understand that “older” women, also have a kid inside. It would be perhaps a shame if you don’t experiment love with a women. But, im just saying. U can be who ever you want. I just wanna say thank you. We all can be different! And also feel respect about the other. For example, i’m a witch! a real one haha. And i know what it feels like been different. So, we are not the regulars one. It doesn’t matter. You can be you, the important part, is “respecting the other”. I don’t know why i wrote you, perhaps cause i know you going to read. Have a good life, and reconsider the thing of “the olders women”. Just cause is more real you know? But when you’re ready. Or not haha. Is just an advice. You can reply if you want! Xoxo, my best wishes 🙂


    1. Paula, hi! Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words! As a matter of fact, I just met and fell in love with an adult woman. She loves me too and sought me out because she saw my video. Now she is the best thing in my life, and I plan to make a post about her. 🙂


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