Great article about my buddy Gary Gibson

The UK newspaper The Sun has published an article about my friend and fellow VirPed member Gary Gibson and his wife. Gary’s humanity and the love between he and his wife comes through loud and clear. Check it out. It’s called I Don’t Think of Him as a Paedo. Please ignore the sensational headline and the horrendous grammatical issues (seems like copy editors are rare these days), and be sure to watch the accompanying video!

One thought on “Great article about my buddy Gary Gibson

  1. Hey, don’t stop writing! No updates in almost 2 months.

    Thoughts on the Milo Yannopolous downfall? Did you notice that the comments that brought him into disgrace came from the same 2015 interview on Joe Rogan where he trashed you, accusing the whole Salon thing of being a “normalization of pedophilia”?

    For me, the most interesting thing is that what was used against him was not an outrageous opinion. Not even an “opinion” at all. Is was a frank and straightforward account of his experiences when he was 14 (plus stuff he claims he witnessed and is quite justified in not naming names, given the possibility of lawsuits). Just the facts, ma’am, not a “defense” of anything.

    I have seen the left eating its own nonstop in the past years (Bill Maher, Dave Rubin, Sam Harris…), mostly on the topic of Islam and now the right does the same, on the topic of “pedophilia” (in a very loose definition). A very interesting period in social history.

    BTW, I think it would be awesome to see you interviewed by Joe Rogan.


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